My Snazzy $5.00 Outfit

/ Thursday, August 2, 2012 /

I don't normally blog about fashion or the how-to's, because quite frankly... I am in yoga pants and tank tops 80% of my day. On occasion, I will do my best to throw a little somethin' somthin' together, hoping I don't look like I got dressed with my eyes closed! The reason why I am blogging about fashion today is... this entire outfit is under $5.00! I was just pretty proud of myself for whipping it together. Here's the break down:

Earrings (GIFT)- My mother-in-law gave these to me for a birthday present. I wear them on days where I feel really drab, they instantly make me feel better! They are so feisty!

Tank Top ($3.00)- Wal-Mart! I am a sucker for those solid color shirts they have that are dirt cheap! The same tank top from Gap would have easily been over $10.00 and I got four for that price! ;)

Belt (0.00)- No.. I didn't steal it, but I did take it off of another dress that it came with! 

Skirt (GIFT)- What you're looking at here is actually a facade! My sweet husband bought this DRESS for me when he was at school a few months ago. I love the material. I love the pattern. And I love the pockets. The only problem is... the top part of the dress is way too big because, well lets face it.. i've got to bust of a 14 year old girl. SO.... instead of letting it just hang in my closet or throwing a cardigan over it like I usually do... I got the brilliant idea to stuff the top of the dress inside the bottom and, VOILA! you have yourself a skirt! The belt is there to conceal any unattractive extra fabric! 

Shoes ($1.99)- You heard me! I've had these baby's for years! I got them at Old Navy once upon a time when they were having a sale. They were buried deep within the back of the shoes. There was only one pair.. and they were JUST my size! Talk about fate!

TOTAL COST: $4.99 with a penny to spare! :-)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Now, I'm not even sure if this outfit is even appealing in the least sense, but I really dug it. It was a hot day. It was extremely comfortable and girly. And when I put it together it instantly took me out of the funky mood I was in. It was like magic! I know that since three of these five things didn't cost me anything, it really doesn't help you; however, my point of this blog is that... even if you haven't went shopping in a really long time, or you have something in your closet that doesn't fit right... see how you can alter it and turn it into something else! I do it all the time and it feels like you have a new piece of clothing! Feel free to share your ideas! I'd love to hear them :)



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