The Good Ole Days.

/ Tuesday, July 31, 2012 /

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I wiggled my way out of bed. Slipped on my yoga pants and carefully tipped-toed throughout the house, in respect of my sweet sleeping baby. I slowly drew the curtains until the light trickled in, changing the ambiance of the room. I slid open the door to the terrace, surprised by the crisp cool morning air. I laid out my yoga mat and began my daily asana. With each breath. With each pose. With each stretch. I quickly grew warmer, despite the light drizzle of rain and chilling air. The grey ominous clouds circled above my head. If I was quiet enough, I could hear them swirl. It was almost as if Mother Nature herself was humming lightly. I just sat in peace. Listening. Breathing. Still. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

 I once was a woman who heavily depended on coffee. I did the Barista thing. Had my daily triple espresso. At one point in my life, my hair even smelled like coffee. It wasn't until a few months ago my desire for coffee slowly started to fade. I would brew a pot courteously for my husband. I would slowly sip on a cup, but it would grow cold and I would never finish it. So, I decided to switch to tea. It's been nice. Every morning making a warm cup of black tea. Sitting in the silence as I take slow and precious sips. It's become a morning therapy for me, actually. However, as the morning grew to early afternoon, I put my little man down for his morning nap. I took a look outside. The clouds still gorgeously dark. The wind blowing just aggressively enough to hear it through the windows. I sat on the couch, in fluffy socks, a long sleeve thermal, just listening while John Coltrane played delicately in the background. It was that very moment that made me convince myself it was Autumn in July. I would have felt ridiculous if I didn't have a double espresso, trickled with a spoon full of sugar, and dressed with a splash of cream.

So I did just that! It was invigoratingly delicious!



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