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/ Saturday, September 24, 2011 /
I had a pretty ordinary Saturday today, but I think that's what I needed. Not that my life is all that out of ordinary; but, sometimes when things feel ordinary there is a sense of comfort. For me at least.


I woke up this morning to my son's finger up my nose. I begged and pleaded with him to just snuggle and be a calm mellow baby just for 20 more minutes, he refused. So he and I played for a while in bed. The sunlight lit up the room, daddy was sound asleep, and Forrest was tracing the frames of my glasses. We finally decided to get out of bed, along came Michael eventually. I made some coffee and pancakes (What? Don't look at me like that.. it's the weekend. You're aloud to eat like that!). I crashed from all the carbs and took an hour nap, which is something that hasn't happened in 12 months and 3 weeks it seems. After I woke up we decided to take a trip into town, where Forrest got to ride his first merry-go-round ever!

Things started off quite nice...

...but after the MILLIONTH "go-round" he became indifferent.

It was a fun time! I always enjoy going into town with my family. I am so proud to have a beautiful and charming son with such a wonderful man! So, we made our way back home, just in time for a nice evening thunderstorm. Thunderstorms in the south are so intriguing. It can be completely sunny outside, but pouring down rain. It's a beautiful sight, however I am ready for it to really feel like fall. After Little Bit went down for a nap, Daddy and I decided to make some nachos. These weren't the nachos you'd get from your ball park concession stand, these were done right. So right I could only eat like four or five chips full of the goods until I felt like I was going to faint (that is right, isn't it?)

Michael more than gladly finished his share.

We finished the nachos just in time for the big UFC fight. I know as a woman, especially a woman who is all about peace and love, its probably odd that I am into MMA; however, I have grown a deep appreciation for the sport. The athleticism the fighters possess is out of this world! All for five 3 minute rounds. It feels good to be open minded about a sport that causes such controversy.
It's not as sensual as it looks.

Anyways, so the rest of the night involved a few jokes about my mismatched socks, my husband playing racing games on his iPad with a guy from Wisconsin, and Saturday Night Live. I have to say that I am just flat out exhausted. I cherish my sleep so very much! There's nothing like cozying up to your bed sheets and taking that deep breath and exhaling out all the stress and worry! Oh lord, I just drooled on the keyboard. I've decided that I will get a little more personal on this blog, so those of you that follow me on IG can really get to see what my little family and me are all about. So, tune in for some videos of Forrest, my surprisingly deep country accent, and tons of pictures of our every day life! I'm so excited to share these things with you! I hope you have a lovely night, morning, evening, whatever it is for you. All my love.

Yeah. He's "VROOM-ING"

and kicking Wisconsin butt.

Come on! Like you don't occasionally mismatch your socks!


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