I am a Cougar not a Cub.

/ Wednesday, September 21, 2011 /
Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Whatever it is for you.

I have decided to create, yet again, another blog. With all the change that will be coming my way, I feel as if I should start fresh! So, this is me starting fresh! Pretty lame so far, but that will change eventually.

Never in my life have I been a goal setter. I have always been a "go with the flow" kind of girl and I must admit that, even though in some cases it can be quite convenient, it hasn't really gotten me anywhere. So, due to the cloud of chaos and the awful gut retching feeling of not going anywhere with my life, I've come to the conclusion that things have got to change for me. I am a capable young girl. I've got a heart full of love, generosity, and passion. I'm extremely ambitious and I've got the desire to inspire! One thing that is extremely heavy on my heart lately is that I want to make my son proud. I want him to read my writings and have them take him else where. I want him to look at my photography and get the butterflies in his stomach and be moved. I want him to see my works and not see me as a mother, but as a remarkable woman who inspires and motivates people to see the beauty and purity in life.

Lately I have just been extremely unmotivated. I never understood exactly why either. Apparently, I have a few things going for me, as far as natural gifts go, but I've never allowed myself to admit that. I thought that I was being humble, but honestly... I think I am just scared. I am scared of success. That could have something to do with my childhood, or maybe not... all I know is that I don't like being afraid of something that will only make my life blossom. I think some where in between realizing I am my own woman and now, I've got something I'd like to call "ass-kicking gumption", excuse my french. So, I am done making excuses for myself! I'm putting on my , more appealing and modern (with a touch of lace), big girl panties and I am going to go out there and see what this little momma is made of!

Here is to a wonderful new adventure in Germany, starting an extraordinary and successful photography business, learning a new language, having another baby (crosses fingers), FINALLY writing that book AND publishing it, and living a happier, more ambitious, courageous, confident, beautiful life! Oh! And keeping up with this blog! :-) I do hope that you, whoever this beautiful soul is reading this, will continue to follow me and some how vicariously live through me long enough to inspire a change for the better in your life! After all, it's the support and the love that I get from others that keeps me going.

All of my love and happiness,

Mrs. Ramage


{ E P de Vargas } on: September 24, 2011 at 3:36 PM said...

Hello Mrs Ramage, I'm very happy for your new plans and I think this new German adventure of yours will be a perfect moment to start with your new life. You're a wonderful woman, an inspiring and some kind of leader one, just have to see the number of followers you have at IG. You are intelligent, creative, lovely, have everything you need to achieve your plans. So come on, I already knew you are a Cougar and not a Cub. It's very important the constancy, so in the bad moments we(your followers) will support you from your blog and from IG and you must go on with your dreams. You know last night I dreamed about you, yes, ja,ja. We were living and studying sth in Cuba an we were best friends. When I wake up this morning I felt sad because we don't even met... I will go on with this story in another post. Kisses.

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