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/ Tuesday, September 27, 2011 /

My sweet little man.

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Oh this little boy surely lights up my life every single day! (I didn't say all day every day because there are times throughout the day where I feel like I could explode, but I think that's pretty normal right? At least I hope.) Every day we usually take a jog to the Starbucks by our house, it's a pretty good run about a total of 6 miles. Right when we got to Starbucks I plopped into a chair. Forrest was just staring at me, maybe waiting for me to catch my breath, then like the little sweet heart that he is... he offered me a sip out of his sippy cup! A smiled with so much pride. He's only one years old and the way he understood the situation that was happening blew my mind! I'm telling you, there's something special about this little boy. I'm not just saying that because I am his mother, but anyone who has met him can agree. He is so curious and SMART. He has so much personality and is always happy. He already knows how to kick a ball (David Beckham anyone?!) and bark like a dog & we dont even have one!!

Growing up I NEVER wanted to have children. I cringed at the thought of it. Every time I saw a kid I would walk faster or go the opposite direction, but man let me tell you... when you have your own child, everything you've thought about children goes out the window! It has been such a joy! Watching him grow and evolve into his own little person is such an exciting thing to see. This is him around 4 months, daddy was still deployed so we made him a little video just saying hello! And no... I don't like like this all the time :-P

And this is him from the other day when we went to the park. He wore himself out from playing! He's so funny when he's tired. He just sits there, so mellow, and just checks it all out. We left shortly after this, because for some reason the second day of fall was 90 degrees! *rolls eyes*

Anyways, I will put up some more recent videos of him soon enough! I know you will grow to love him even more! I hope you all are doing well :)

All my love-


{ E P de Vargas } on: October 1, 2011 at 7:39 AM said...

I'm so sorry but until today I haven't been able to read your post. I've been sick with migraine, ufff, terrible!!
I love your post, your son is so beautiful and the vĂ­deos are great I can hear your voice, ha, ha, ha, is so sweet. It's so strange sensation to hear the voice of someone you knew some time ago but just via internet, is so nice. I agree with you when you say that your mind changes a lot when you have a son/girl. They make you laugh a lot and are so funny, although sometimes you need your own time ALONE!! I'm jealous of your 6 milles/day jogging, wow you're an authentic sportwoman. I have to start to practice any sport without excuses.
Please go on writing I love your blog!! another miss for Forrest!!

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