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/ Sunday, April 15, 2012 /
Hi there! How are things? 

We are back from our adventure to the states. I apologize for being M.I.A, it was quite a long vacation filled with many great memories and lots of laughter!  I spent some much need time with my family while my husband was at school in Virginia for a whole month. Forrest and I had such a great time visiting, it's always good to go back home and feel as if you haven't missed a beat! The sun was shining the majority of the time up in the Louisiana sky. I laid out quite a lot while my Mumsy would watch the little toots. Most of the time they were outside with me. Forrest playing in the mud, Mum sitting in her chair enjoying the beautiful day with me. There is something so enchanting about the feeling I get when the sun is crawling up my skin. Unlike the tanning bed, I do not feel as if I am being cooked to my core. Instead, my skin feels as if it is smiling. Drinking up every ounce of the sun that it can! It was so wonderful! Laying there with my shades on. Eating fresh cut strawberries. Ice cold water by my side. Corrinne Baily Rae playing in the background. Just doing nothing. That is as close to good as it gets, indeed!

My family was so wonderful about giving me some 'me time', which is something I do not get much of back here in Germany. With no family and only a few friends (who are busy bee's themselves) it is hard to find some time to adventure off. But I really feel as if that is good for my spirit, and my husband is constantly encouraging me to go and get out by myself; however, one of my biggest flaws in relinquishing control. It's bad I tell you. Bad. But let's not get into my flaws or this blog could become very lengthy ;) Never the less, it is certainly something that I will work on because it makes me happy, and everyone knows.... "When Momma's happy, EVERYONES happy!" Hehe, i just love that quote! Anyways-- this is just a quick "catch me up" blog, I will be posting another blog with photo's from the trip and a more detailed description of our experiences in the ole boot. I act as if you guys- if you even really exist- actually care about what I do. Pretending makes me feel good. Don't be like me. 

SO! About the pictures below! This was from yesterday afternoon. Forrest and I met two of my lovely friends at this beautiful park called, Gartenschau. It is this really enchanting park filled with statues of Dinosaurs, huge slides, open fields to picnic in, an abundance of flowers, a pond for the children to fish in, playgrounds after playgrounds, carts with tons of yummy food, and a whole lot of beautiful happy people! I can't even imagine how gorgeous and fun this park will be in the summer time! When the breeze is warm, the sun is out to play, and everyone is carefree! I imagine it to be quite lovely! So here are just a few snapshots from our little adventure, nothing special... but we had a ton of fun!! I hope you all enjoy!



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