For you Leroy.

/ Tuesday, February 14, 2012 /

If there is one thing that I love most about Valentine's Day it is that it gives you the opportunity to be cheesy, and cheesy is one of my favorite types of love. Despite the fact that every day I am completely aware of how much I love my dear husband and how grateful I am to have him in my life, Valentine's Day gives you the chance to capitalize on that very thing and it makes me so happy! 

When I was at the so called "prime time" of my teenage years, you know... those years when every girl becomes boy crazed and falls head over heels in love with any and every guy who gives her an ounce of the attention that she craves, I was too busy boycotting (no pun intended) that whole idea. If you knew me at all, you knew that I was Ms. Independent. Ms. Self- Sufficient. Ms. Keep Your Distance. I was always so passionate about being alone and on my own. I thrived off the ability to eat at restaurants by myself. I loved that the little nook I sat in at Books A Million was only fit for one. I loved the look on the persons face in the box office when I said, "Ticket for one please." I'm not going to say that I wasn't weird, because I'm sure that it's not the norm for someone of that age to spend so much time alone, and if it is then it's usually followed by some type of prescription to help them become more socially inclined. However, none of that mattered to me. I loved not being responsible for anyone's feelings but my own. I pretty much had it made up in my mind that I would become a woman of the work force, come home every day to my loft apartment, a glass of Shiraz, my Persian cat Tilly, and put on a vinyl record of Art Farmer to wind down to. It was a vision that was so concrete. 

Then I met Michael Leroy Ramage. 

I was sitting on a bench at a local restaurant, listening to some live music. It was a warm summer night. I had just gotten off work. I was wearing a cream white Banana Republic skirt that modestly hit above my knees, my sheer maroon blouse which felt like silk when the wind would make it dance against my skin, and my brown flats which made a casual statement. My hair was probably of some resemblance to Diana Ross's due to the high humidity. I can remember the minute his foot hit the entrance. My heart skipped a beat. He was 6'5. Brown hair. Eyes the color of the most perfect turquoise that exists, the kind of turquoise that can only be found deep in the mines of Persia. He was wearing a powder blue button up, the collar pulled out over a navy blue sweater paired with jeans and some nice brown shoes. He executed a sense of confidence and class that was very rare for men in the town. Trying to look away was like trying to pull apart something that has been super glued together. It wasn't long before we some how made our way to one another and conversation was started. Talking to Michael gave me a feeling of safety. Security. Desire. Passion. I went home that night... just different. 

It wasn't long before feelings started to happen. I put up a very serious fight of playing hard to get, which was only followed by comments like, "I'm going to make you mine. You just wait and see." I would roll my eyes and let him know that he was mistaken, but deep...deep...DEEP... inside of me was a tiny part that knew he was right. Things were changing. I was changing. My "vision" was slowly turning from concrete into a sweet molasses of an aspiration for love. 

As the months came to pass, I found myself not wanting to be alone so much. Now, don't get me wrong... I still loved my alone time and I still do, God has programmed it into me from birth. But what was more interesting to me, it wasn't that I didn't want to be alone.. I just didn't want to be alone without him. I just knew that was something special. I'll never forget that transition in my life. The big painless slap in the face from Cupid. I was smitten and I still am! Quickly, Michael and I became best friends. Then lovers. Then married. And now parents. The light that I see him in is unlike anything in this world.

So here's to you Michael! You make me a better version of myself every single day. You constantly remind me what it means to LIVE life and to LOVE unconditionally. You are kind, intelligent, hilarious, sincere, giving, passionate, humble, and so close to perfect its a little crazy. You've made my life complete. You make it so easy to love and to cherish our life together. You truly are the wind beneath my wings. I am so unbelievably lucky to have found a man like you. Thank you for existing and thank you for always being nothing short of wonderful. 

I love you my man.


Anonymous on: February 14, 2012 at 8:21 AM said...

enchanting description:) beautiful beautiful beautiful!

{ E PdeVargas } on: February 15, 2012 at 12:32 PM said...

Beautiful post. You both are very lucky. Not everyboby have what do you have. Congratulacions my dear Lindsey!!

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