Nothing but white.

/ Friday, January 27, 2012 /
Sometimes I wonder.... if I really had that all white home that I want.. would it really be as spectacular? I mean, with a one year old.. it's nearly impossible to keep the house as clean as I'd like. I can sweep/mop three times a day.. it doesn't matter... there is grass.. there is dirt... there is cheerios... there is whatever that green stuff is.... it's there. It's a battle that I've yet to give up on, but contemplating on letting win. Honestly.. I like the competition. Anyways--- back to that all white home (since it IS fantasy) Is it just me, or does all white scream "AMAZING!" In my mind I have this entire house -this "dream home" if you will- planned out. Room for room. Yes... I am talking hall way to guest closets.. picked out. And most of it does involve the color white. Probably because my mother has constantly reminded me that white isn't my color.

A beautiful white kitchen that will ALWAYS sparkle, no one aloud to cook/clean it but me:

An elegant white living room with a delicious pop of color:

A classy patterned bathroom:

Oh and you can't forget the closet:

And the lovely quest room:

Obviously this isn't the entire home, but you get the jist. WHITE WHITE WHITE! :P A girl can dream, right?



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