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/ Monday, November 7, 2011 /
Tonight is my last night here in the town that I grew up in. Another good-bye. I can't say that I am sad to say good bye, I never really am. This town and I have always had a problem with one another; however, my family and the few friends that reside here-- they hold a dear place in my heart and it kills me to part ways. I am such an emotional person. When I am emotionally involved in anything or anyone, it is so hard for me to detach. Apart of me likes that about myself, but when it comes to difficult situations it easily becomes a flaw.


Like I said in my previous post, it's been a wonderful vacation. It really has. I love my family so much. All I can really do is repeat myself when I say that I can't believe I am going to be living in another country away from them. They are my heart and soul. Although, when you grow up, you build your own little family. A wonderful bond and such a special relationship with your husband/wife, you have children and learn what it means to love unconditionally and be a mentor, and you make your own memories. I am trying my very hardest to focus on those very things. I know that across the Atlantic holds amazing things for my little family and me. I feel that at some point in Germany, God's purpose for me is going to surface and I am going to finally fulfill it. I have such a peace about this whole thing. It's just a matter of getting across the sea to reach my destination. 

I am going to be without a computer for quite a while, but I will try to post and update my travels as often as I can. I am very excited for my family and myself. This is going to be an experience of a life time, and I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy this at such a young age. 

Peace and all of the love I can give, 

PS: Happy Anniversary to my lovely husband. You have been the most amazing man in all the years I have known you. Always been encouraging, loving me unconditionally, so unselfish, and most importantly, constantly teaching me things about myself that I would never have let surfaced if it weren't for you. You are such a blessing to my life. God knew when He was making the two of us that we would be bonded together for life. You are so perfect for me and each day that goes by I can feel my love for you blossom more and more. As every couple has their trails, ours makes our love that much more strong. You are a remarkable person, friend, and lover. I cannot wait to grow old with you my man. You are my life and my soul and my reason for many wonderful things. I love you unconditionally, through and through. Here is to an exciting future and hopefully many more children. HAHA! Kidding. Maybe. ;-)


{ E P de Vargas } on: November 16, 2011 at 4:57 AM said...

Hi Lindsey,

I've read all your posts and I feel touched by your words. I think it must be very difficult to separate from your family and go to live to a country so different and faraway.

I hope you, your husband and little Forrest are OK, and that you feel happy. Although if you're a bit sad, you must think that the first weeks are the worst ones, because you have to get use to different things and to people that speaks a different language. But I'm sure that all of you will feel very happy at your new home and country, very, very soon. Please go on with all your plans of future, as soon as you can, remember that you're an artist!!

Now we live closer and at the same time of the day, that's great for me!!! ha,ha,ha...

As soon as you can, please tell us how do you feel. I'm a bit worried about you, I don't want you feel sad or alone. Think that with IG you have friends all over the world. All the best!!



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