Christmas In November.

/ Saturday, November 5, 2011 /
As I sit here and type, in the company of a glass of Shiraz and half of my family, I am beginning to realize that we are literally moving to another country in a matter of days. I know that each time I post I talk about how I am starting to see the reality of moving; but honestly, each day that goes by becomes more realistic than the last. 


This is day 7 here in Lake Charles. Things have been absolutely wonderful this past week, for me at least. There is nothing more that I love than being around my family. They make me feel whole and complete. But most importantly, when I am around them I feel the most real. Family is such a special thing to me, something that I will treasure as long as I live! For the first time in a really long time, every single one of my family members were together. My sister flew in from Tuscon, Arizona. My other sister and her husband drove in from Lafayette and my little brother graciously stayed home long enough for us to spend time with him as well. We've played a lot of Apples To Apples, eaten a generous amount of home cooked meals, and made some incredible memories. My mom, the sweetheart she is, decorated the house for Christmas and we had an early Thanksgiving dinner, since we weren't going to be home for the holidays. It has been so very lovely! Forrest has been riding the four-wheeler almost every day with his Pawpaw, whom he has grown a serious adoration for. The kid has a fit every time the man leaves for work, it is precious. Halloween was real fun. We all went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood next to ours. Forrest was a sock monkey, probably the cutest sock monkey you've ever seen, too. My sister's and I have had a wonderful time catching up with one another. It's so interesting, both of my sister's relationships with me that is. Each one offers a different type of personality, it really helps me become well-rounded within myself. I've always been an avid learner when it comes to the observation of others. I would much rather learn from others mistakes and avoid making them myself. Well, it's not just mistakes, I would say it's more of just experiences. I really feel lucky and extremely blessed to be apart of such a tight nit family. Sure, they make me want to pull out my long brown locks at times and they certainly have no mercy when it comes to teasing, but that's the beauty of family. You just understand one another. 


It's weird to say that my time with my family in America is coming to an end, so I suppose I should stop being so dramatic. I am constantly trying to remind myself to take each day as it is. Sometimes the days with me unfortunate, full of regret, and maybe even a tad bit bland; but, that's just the way that Tuesday is. The sun will always shine and the sky will always clear again. So in a matter of four days, we will be off to a foreign land! I sure do hope that you all are well and in good spirits. And thank's again to those of you who take your precious time to read my writings.


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