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/ Monday, October 10, 2011 /
Oh boy. I'm slacking. I HATE when I slack! I'm so good at it, it's embarrassing. Couldn't I be good at something else? Like always being on top of everything and super organized? Anyways....

Things are finally coming together with the move. We got a fly date, which is November 9th, and all the movers are coming to pack up our belongings in a few weeks. Things are finally starting to feel real! I wouldn't say that it's become a reality yet, however it is getting to that point. I think that when I am standing in an empty house, looking around and reminiscing about all the memories we've made in this little home of ours... then it will hit me that I am moving out of the country. Honestly though, I am quite excited! All of the new experiences, and more importantly all of the new people that I will meet, is probably the thing that I am anticipating the most!

Friday night Michael and I finally had a date. It was the first date that we've been on since he's been home from Iraq (well, the first date here in Georgia). He took me to a German restaurant here in town and it was an absolute blast! I had a generous amount of schnitzel's and potatoes, a few sips of a hefeweizen, and an absolutely remarkable mocha german coffee cake! I have a feeling I am going to be looking a little like Kim Kardashian after a few months in this land of deliciousness!

Saturday Forrest and I went with a friend into Savannah. We did a lot of walking around. It was an overcast and windy day, it was so nice! You know, I think those are my favorite kind of days. There is something so exciting about an overcast grey day, especially when it's windy! I feel as if everything is more vivid and mellow at the same time. It's like a sweet contradiction, and I like contradictions when the intentions are good. I do have to admit, aside from the nice weather, I wasn't too happy about the people I encountered. There was a lot of negativity down town that day. A few people were mean to me, a few people disrespectful, and another few that were judgmental. If only they knew that I thought they were beautiful and so special.. it's such a shame that people feel the need to bombard others in their misery and negativity. I suppose that is why no matter how bad of a day I am having, no matter how unfair I feel life is, if I am in public and I am communicating with an individual (literally having a conversation or exchanging glances) I am going to smile at them sweetly and be polite and make them feel important!

Anyways, so Sunday my little family and me went on a little adventure. I made a youtube video about it because it just felt more personal. Poor little Forrest was ready for a nap and wasn't feeling his cheerio's. He just wanted his monkey, his crib, and a nice lullaby.

It was a nice time. Usually around this time of the year I start to spot fall. It makes me feel so alive. Is that ironic considering fall is when the environment starts to wither away? It's just a renewing of life for me. If I could chose one natural occurrence or remind me of my own life, it would be the shedding of the trees and the seasons of the earth. I feel as if there is so much spiritual meaning behind it all!

So, it's Monday night. I am contemplating an ice cream sandwich and going to bed soon. We had a very long and exhausting night. Forrest has been very clingy lately throughout the day and has been waking up through out the night wanting us. Leaving me looking a little strung out and tired. I hope things are going well with you all. The holidays are right around the corner :-)

Kisses and hugs.


{ lovec333 } on: October 11, 2011 at 11:55 AM said...

Hi Lindsey- Aside from reading and watching your sweet post today, that is not the main reason for this comment. This was just the best place I thought to get in touch with you- seems more private than IG. This is Courtney (@333bee), and you probably have no idea who I am but that's neither here nor there. You were in my dream last night. I know, weird right! For whatever reason, I had a strange feeling I should share with you. First I'll give you a little background on my life to try to make the dream less confusing. I live in San Diego, CA with my boyfriend of exactly one year today (eeeeee!) and his two little girls who I've taken in as my own. He is in the Navy, and I stay at home with the little one, Mia, who is four. We live in a little hippie town called Ocean Beach right next to another house that is a dentist's office. There are so many dentist's in this town, mostly in houses like the one next door- don't ask me why. ANYWAY- the dream started out with me writing you a letter. I had just found out I was pregnant and I was writing you telling you how I have always wanted a little boy, but I was nervous because both of our families have a long history of tons of girls. In the dream you lived next door where the dentists office is. I folded up the letter and went out back into the driveway, through the gate, and put the letter by the washing machine for you to see when you got home. I was in Mia's room (the 4 year old) when you pulled in the driveway with Forrest and another little boy you were babysitting. I peeked through the blinds to see if you would get the letter, but it had been some time since I put it out there and the wind had blown it hidden. At this point in the dream I realized we were friends, and I called you and told you about the letter while I went out and picked it up off the ground to put it back for you to see. Then we started talking about the baby and you told me how you had wanted a boy too and the doctor told you it was a girl the whole time during your pregnancy but that you didn't listen or give up and you ended up having Forrest- and that was it. It was such an unusual but pleasant dream and like I said, for whatever reason something told me to share with you so there you go! I hope you're having a wonderful week!

{ E P de Vargas } on: October 15, 2011 at 11:51 AM said...

Hi Lindsey,
Finally I'm gonna be able to write you some words. You know, having a baby, sometimes is difficult to fulfill the things you have planned to do. This week has been specially complicated to find some spare time to do what I felt like. My baby, Gonzalo, has been sick with flu, and I have been with him all the time, and the rest of my time I had to go for my other son, Alberto, to the school and to help him to do his homeworks.
Anyway, I understand you perfectly when you tell that you have been slacking. I slack many times, surely more than you, above all when I have a lot of things to do. In my case it has to be with the state of my mind, if I feel down everything becomes difficult and usually I slacks all the time. If I feel ok, then I need to do many things.
Maybe you feel nervous with the move to Germany and that is why you were slacking last week. To move to another country must be very stressful, because you're gonna change the way of life you are used to, and that's not easy. But at the same time it is a good opportunity to grew inside, to mature, to learn a lot of things and as you say to meet new people. So enjoy this new experience!!
On the other hand don't worry about uneducated people. I'm not very sure what could happen to you last saturday, but yes there are days when people is specially not nice, but it hasn't to be with you, it's their problem and they loose the opportunity to be nice with a girl as awesome as you, don't think more about them, it's not worth.
Well Gonzalo is starting to cry so I must leave you. Be happy with the things you must do for your moving and start to learn some German, that is so difficult, I'm afraid. The luck to you is that speaking English you can move everywhere, so don't worry too much. Are you going to live in Berlin? well you will tell me.

{ Lindsey Ramage } on: October 20, 2011 at 6:40 PM said...

I love both of you girls! Thank yall so much for, not only always reading my post, but for always commenting! I looooveeee reading y'alls comments and my heart flutters every time I get an email saying a have a comment from either one of you!


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