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/ Wednesday, November 14, 2012 /

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There are no decisions; there is only interaction with what is in front of you. Decisions come because you have attachments, desires, and fears. The only thing that will help you is to let go. If you let go of your stuff, there are no decisions- there is just Life. // Michael A. Singer

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I have this obsession with "letting go" and ironically I am very bad at it. Some would say I am a hypocrite. A walking contradiction. The one who doesn't "practice what you preach". It's painful to think that everything you stand for is everything you struggle to be. I've sat with that thought for a while.

I realized that I'm not a complete failure. Just like everyone else in this world, there is a small voice of fear that lingers in my head. It's followed me my entire life. Posing as a weakness, but as the years carry on its revealing itself as a strength. I am a big believer on the beauty of opposition. 












and so on...

I think we all can agree, with out opposition there would be no appreciation. If you've never witnessed a tree in the winter. Bare. Vulnerable. Naked branches. Then there is no way that you could appreciate the beautiful and bountiful green leaves it possesses in the Summer. If you've never been caught in the rain then those bright and sunny days would be so ordinary. My point is... we need the contrary, of everything, in order to recognize the full worth of life.

For some reason I get it in my mind that if you let go of fear it means you are letting go of life and that couldn't be more false. The more I follow my own advice the more I loosen the hold fear has over my life, and that is what transforms fear from being a weakness to being a strength. If I didn't let fear get a hold of me, I never would have knew how to conquer it! 

There has to be a reason why it's so easy to give others advice, yet so damn hard to follow it ourselves. The answer is simply this: 

All the answers are within you.

You just have to learn how to filter all those voices in your head that tell you who you are and what you are supposed to be, because truthfully... you are none of those things! You are just the ones who hears them. So instead of trying to figure out which one of those voices you are... 

just let go.



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