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/ Monday, April 30, 2012 /

Happy Magnificent Monday!

There is something so exciting to me about the beginning of the week. Every Sunday night I nuzzle into my bed with a small soft smile on my face knowing that in a handful of hours the sun will rise to a new week. The rays of light will peak through, kissing my skin and slowly waking me up. Following the caress from the sun is aromas of espresso, maple sugar oat meal, and the sight of adorable morning hair on my vivacious child's head. The windows open allowing the house to breathe. The melodies of the birds singing along with Billie Holiday. The crisp fresh spring air that sashays its way into the room, leaving my lungs feeling full of life. It all is just so promising! The early hours of the morning, a list of things to get done, the possibility of success and satisfaction! I could honestly go on forever, but I will spare you...


One thing that I love about the village I live in, Eulenbis, is that it is full of exciting secrets! It seems as if every time my son and I go for a walk we end up discovering a new side of the hill we've never seen. Or beautiful homes that are bundled together in the clusters of our pink, blue, and yellow concrete jungle of a village! Or a beautiful little quaint playground down some random set of stairs!

When I am walking through the village, almost every single time, as I listen to the background noise of my sons converses tapping along the gravel, I think to myself... 


How could I ever take something like this for granted? The view of the hills meeting the cloudy/cloudless sky is new every single time that I look at it. The grass just seems to be getting greener, the people seem to be getting happier, and there really and truly is just so much LIFE here in Germany. I absolutely adore it! I wish that I could take all my family and friends back in the states and just move them here with me, because honestly... I cannot imagine living any where else every again. I know that at some point, I will have to.  But a girl can dream, can't she?


Anyways, Forrest and I went on a walk one morning last week, and we really just had a lovely time! So I took a few snapshots for my dear family and friends who actually pay attention to this silly little blog. I hope that you all enjoy the pictures and feel as if you have experienced this blissful day with us :) 

Cheers and all my love, 


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